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LoveLife6958 'Royal King'

He said he'd be ok
If all his 'opps' were dead.

I laughed and said,
If all your 'opps' were dead,
You'd have new ones by the end of the week.
By the end of the month, you'd be tooled up again,
By the end of the year, you'd be sitting in pen.

'Opps' are your opposition, your opponent, your competition,
But what are you competing to achieve?

Certainly not a degree,
And certainly not to be free,
And if I was you...
I'd keep a close eye on my team.

Cause they're not here with you,
While your sitting in court.
And your 'Olders' aren't trying to challenge,
All your negative thoughts.

As far as 'opps' goes.
The biggest one,
Stares at you daily.

In your reflection,
You can't hide your insecurities.

In your reflection,
You can't pretend to be brave.

In your reflection,
I know there's a voice asking you.

What is it...
That makes you choose to live this way?

But I don't want you to think it's too late.
And I don't want you to ever give up.

If you can grasp, that self education is your key.
If you can grasp, that you are forever highly blessed.
If you can grasp that the world is large, miraculous and wonderful.
And that you contribute to it, with your every single breath.

Then you will unite with your purpose,
And you will have something greater to do.

In your reflection you can't hide...
The Royal King that staring back at you.

#LoveLife5958 #Motivation #InspireTheYouth

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