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Youth Voice | Syrus Consultancy

The programme is designed to provide young people with skills in creative writing, rehearsals, event planning and developing artistry (vocal recording, performance, engineering and music production). Consequently, giving the opportunity to help them to develop progression pathways with the support of our in house experienced mentors.

The aim is to engage young people in creative activities as well as mentoring and personal & social development.

The course is intended to educate learners on life skills which are taught through a Bronze Arts Award Level 1.

A number of units are taught which are applicable to everyday life and experiences; these enable learners to enhance their transferable skills to increase their confidence and application of a positive attitude.

We specialise in engaging students which are considered hard to reach or disengaged from education.

"Youth voice has given me the courage and confidence to continue in my career and to always believe in myself. I am now studying music in college."
Daniel Junior (Deeno)
19 years old