21k Marathon Run to Support Prisoners Education Trust (PET).

PET for 21k Marathon Run | Syrus Consultancy C.I.C

21k Royal Park Marathon Run For Prisoners Education Trust-Chris S

Taking place on 8 October 2023, the Royal Parks Half Marathon is London’s most popular half marathon.

The race weaves through Hyde Park, Green Park, St James’s Park and
Kensington Gardens, taking in some of London’s most famous landmarks.
In May, I received an email from Prisoners Education Trust asking if I would like to run the Royal Park half marathon to raise money for their PET Charity.

It has been on my bucket list for many years, somewhere in the subconscious as something I will do one day. I really enjoy running, mainly at the gym. Part of my normal gym routine would include a 5K run on
the running machine.
I didn’t have to think about it long and replied to the email straight away to say that I would take part. Within in short time I was signed up and in the place of no return.

PET funded me to complete my Open University course in psychology while I was in prison.
So, I keep in touch and feel like I owe them a lot.

They were also responsible for putting me forward for my British Empire Medal Queens award.
So, they are a really great charity that cares about the people they serve.
Funding education for people in prison so they can rehabilitate and go on to achieve positive careers and businesses. Also, just raising self-esteem and turning the prison experience into and educational journey. I know I was really excited to tell my mum I was doing a degree in Psychology from the prison phone. It really gave hope and some perspective that things were going to work out for the good.

I immediately reached out to my good friend Dave from P4YE youth organisation in Croydon
to coach me towards this goal. We both work in the Croydon borough with young people at risk of gangs, exploitation and violence.
We started training started on 26 th May with a 10K run.

My first running goal up until this point was achieving to 5K in under 20mins. The last time I’d achieved it was New Year 2023 so I hadn’t done it in a while.

The motivation of knowing it was the first of the year. Had me quite motivated and I achieved the goal.
21K is a distance, I was no where near but had the passion for running and setting running goals for myself.
I’m raising £500 to support PET and it would be great if others help to spread the word and donate to help me reach my target.

Thank you for your support.

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