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We Aim To Deliver Transformational Services For Young People.

Founder Christopher Syrus has over 14 years worth of experience working with young people with social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH). Those in prisons, pupil referral units and known to Youth Offending Services. In 2017 he was awarded BEM (British Empire Medal) Queens Award for his contribution to further education. He has also received Peace Award, Croydon Top Role Model Award and is Patron for Mothers Against Guns.
His testimony of turning negative into positive makes Chris a credible messenger who is able to engage and transform diverse audiences.


2022 Pride of Croydon- Community Impact Award
2021 Greater London Enterprise Awards-Best Youth Creative Writing Services
2017 British Empire Medal
2011 Peace Award
2009 Patron for Mothers Against Guns

Community Impact Award 2022 | Syrus Consultancy C.I.C

Our Services

Therapeutic Music Intervention - Syrus Consultancy

Therapeutic Music Intervention

Professional recording studios in Croydon and Penge. We use creative writing, voice recording, video and music production to engage and support young people

Youth Engagement

We specialise in engaging, mentoring and supporting young people with social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH).

Violence Reduction

We deliver personal development, gangs, grooming and weapons awareness programmes. Supporting schools. prisons and statutory youth organisations.

Intensive 1-to-1

Working with young people at risk of serious youth violence, grooming and exploitation. Young person is engaged 1 to 3 times a week. They will be collected from home and driven to positive activities such as gym, boxing and studio. Programme underpinned by mentoring and personal development programme. Working in partnership with statutory organisations to reduce risk of harm and criminality.

Intensive 1-to-1 mentoring, reducing risk of serious youth violence, grooming and exploitation | Syrus Consultancy

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